Kim K’s Million Dollar Crypto Fine & Putin Claims Annexed Portions of Russia | The Daily Show

Russia announces it has annexed parts of Ukraine acquired in an illegal referendum, Kim Kardashian gets fined $1.26 million for promoting crypto, Brazil heads for a presidential runoff vote, Burkina Faso has its second coup this year, and California decriminalizes jaywalking. #DailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah

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  1. What video was the Ronny meme from?

  2. It's a special military operation by Russia(not Putin)

  3. Mike Mondano dice:

    "Kim, we need to talk. Please pull up a couple chairs and sit down."

  4. Nandemone dice:


  5. It's been a fun 7 or so years! So sorry to see Trevor go.

  6. Tucker Bowen dice:

    yeah, i'm SOOOO sure that if the U.S. had a perfect human rights record, THAT would definitely stop Putin from doing bad things...

  7. Magde Mak dice:

    The person mad me lunch always!!!!!

  8. Gail Hitson dice:

    Maybe NATO should begin annexing portions of Russia. Putin is insane.

  9. Gail Hitson dice:

    Putin has no legal right to annex portions of another free nation, unless that free nation agrees to this arrangement. The portions of land are simply illegally occupied territory that are in fact still parts of the free nation of the Ukraine. Whatever Putin says is his mental illness speaking, aka delusions of grandeur.

  10. Roy is all of us. 😭😭😭😭

  11. John Jackson dice:

    That was tight. I don't know who will replace him but, they won't be as funny.

  12. john Sly dice:

    Say what you want but that last moment was the DOPE punchline 😂😂😂😂

  13. Anyone who takes advice from Kim K. is as dumb as she.

  14. Martin Bruhn dice:

    How can Trevbuttcoin be shady? There's no shade, where the sun don't shine.

  15. MrAmtrak207 dice:

    I've heard that nobody walks in LA.

    "Together forever and never to part
    Together forever we (four)
    And don't you know
    I would (invade) heaven and earth
    To be together forever with you"

  16. B B dice:

    The Dua Lupita had me rolling!!!

  17. Wait Me dice:

    How long is Trevor staying anyway?

  18. How did she turn into a black woman ?

  19. BFF necklace made me laugh so hard 😂

  20. McRyach dice:

    Trevor's South African accent is amazing!

  21. Idk about all that, but will Pooty please come and get his Trumpykins? We're just plain sick of him. I hope his buddies don't get near a window on the 20th floor of a tall building. Or have dinner n drinks with him.

  22. Kimble Carl dice:

    Anyone who takes Kim K's financial advise deserves what happens.

  23. He stole aziz ansaris joke about marriage “you know that fun stuff we’ve been doing, we’re going to do that for ever, now put on this ring”

  24. Roy’s mood is everyone who’s hurt that you’re leaving Trevor. 🤬😭

  25. Ali S dice:

    I have to know: was Roy’s rant a part of the script or no???

  26. Alissa Check dice:

    Why not make a jaywalking joke with the NFT monkeys 😅

  27. Putin has a point when it comes to "open satanism" and "suppression".

  28. Lauren dice:

    Here is the thing: when we launched our nukes it was not to conquer japan. When we launched the invasion of iraq it was not to conquer iraq and claim it as "american"

  29. Laya Monarez dice:

    Trever we love you and we will miss you. Thankyou for helping me keep my sanity in these dark times.

  30. well true be told America not moving towards open SATANISM ?

  31. Nanci Boutet dice:

    In 1973 I went to jail for jaywalking in Hollywood. So there's that. I had the nerve to question the Sherrifs.

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